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A True Extension of Your Law Firm.

Drowning in phone calls but can't afford a full-time receptionist? 

Turn more callers into consultations with a team of Legal Specialized Virtual Receptionists that become a true extension of your law firm.

Leads Captured, Deals Closed

Sales-trained legal receptionists know exactly how to help your law firm land more clients and overcome objections.

Our Clients Say It Best:

"I’m at a small law firm and we have been using Betties for 18 months.  They are extremely professional and it’s just like they are in my office.  I love that they can schedule appointments and start the onboarding process. They have a great communications platform and are easy to work with.  I highly recommend them."

Marianne Ludlow


"As an answering service for lawyers, Back Office Betties is unmatched in customer service and quality client interaction. Sean has consistently followed up with me to ensure my satisfaction with the services and strives to give a phenomenal customer experience. Rates are reasonable and this is one invoice I am happy to pay when I hear of my client's experience with Betties."

Elisabeth Pickle


"Their customer service is what really stands out. It’s high-quality service at a personable price. Most of the time, callers thought that they were right here in my office.
There was one day when a client was really melting down, and the receptionist took the time to work through the issue with them, even though it was outside of our scope of work. The call took about 30 minutes to resolve, but they stuck through it."

Elizabeth Smith


"When we were starting to look into remote services, my partner and I suspected that many of our colleagues used them. At one point, I placed a call to a colleague and asked if they used a receptionist. They said they used Back Office Betties instead and recommended their services.
It was so seamless. They were professional and pleasant, and they could deal with annoying people on the phone with a smile. I’m really pleased with all that."

Ralph Shelton


Ongoing Growth Support

Happy Clients

Quality Guaranteed

Quality assurance testing is performed continuously to ensure custom call handling instructions are followed and callers are WOW-ed. 

No more frustrated voicemails - your clients are met with the friendly voice of a de-escalation-trained receptionist every time they call. 

As your firm grows, your needs change. Client Services works with you to ensure our services are always benefitting your firm.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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More Than An Answering Service:

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Ready to grow your law firm and experience time freedom?

What makes Back Office Betties different from other virtual receptionist services?

We only serve attorneys like you! In doing so, we’ve been able to specialize our services and features to meet the needs of attorneys and small law firms. We ensure that every receptionist goes through Betties Legal Academy, as well as customer service and sales training, to provide your callers with the best experience possible. 

What information can you collect from potential new clients?

In short: Whatever you need. Every law firm is different. Every case type is different. We are happy to complete custom intakes for each and every case type your firm handles.

Will I need to get a new phone number?

Nope! You can keep your number! We will provide you with a phone number to forward your calls to.

"Back Office Betties is the face of my company: they’re the first people that a new client talks to. People think their team is a receptionist in my office."

Carla McKain



"I care about the entrepreneurial journey and understand the enormous pressure that business owners carry. When I work with vendors, I look for the ones who are passionate about business and want to see me succeed.

With standard answering services, the customer is signing up for services that fit into the provider’s box. I train my team to build the box around the firms’ needs as much as we can. We don’t want to just answer the phones, we want to be the unparalleled customer service representatives for the firms we work with."

What Makes Back Office Betties Stand Out?

Emily LaRusch

Back Office Betties Founder & CEO

What if I need one?

We are happy to provide you with a phone number in your area code or the area code of your choice. You are welcome to provide this number directly to your clients and publish it anywhere you choose!

Legal Specialized Receptionists 

Rest easy knowing your receptionists are able to confidently and intelligently communicate with your callers regarding sensitive legal issues.

Customized Call Handling

Our dedicated Account Architects have created custom call handling flows for hundreds of small law firms. No two are the same.

Sit back and enjoy the silence (no more phone ringing off the hook) while we WOW your callers and reduce interruptions for good.

No More Phone Stress

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